Welcome to Health & Death.



The Health & Death T-Shirt Company

Travel & Science. Colour & Darkness. Positivity & Paranoia. Rad Times & Mad Times.

One story. Both sides. Created in LDN.


A T-Shirt Company inspired by travel, photography, positivity and palm trees. 

A love of the sea, the mountains, the cities, and that feeling of having just landed.

It's about the journey, the journey after that and the one after that. The future is frequent. Live long. Travel more.

Where to Next..?


this will all be over soon.

question everything and try anything, find your own answers, go off the rails and off the grid.
break the rules, break the mould and break the monotony.

a t-shirt company inspired by the search for answers.
time is running out.

don’t be bored...